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Message from Commonwealth Secretary General

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In this year when we celebrate a  'Peace building commonwealth ', a special focus has been on peace in the home.As the foundation on which we build respect  for the dignity and safety of all women and girls ,I have led a Commonwealth  campaign to end domestic violence.

So it gives me great pleasure to write in support of the work of the Commonwealth Countries League ,and also encourage wider involvement with its  immensely valuable work  of empowering women and girls. Advancing social and  economic inclusion  through education ,and through more  equitable  opportunities  for all, are high priorities  in delivering  on all values of our Commonwealth  Charter.

At a recent meeting  I convened  on ' Regenerative Development to Reverse  Climate Change.' in collaboration with Cloudburst  Foundation,more  than sixty world renowned  climatologists, oceanologists and other scientists  came together to consider  whether it was possible to reverse the impact  of climate change upon our planet which currently poses an existential threat to many of the countries  within the Commonwealth.Of the hundreds of factors  considered ,which  could assist , the empirical data shows  that the number one action we can take ,the biggest single factor in reversing climate change, is the education and empowerment  of women and girls.
That is why the longstanding  work of the Commonwealth Countries League  in support of educating and empowering  women  and girls  is so vitally  important for each of us,and  for all those  with  whom  we share this fragile planet.

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