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Objectives & Mission

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Our Objectives

The Objectives of the League are to: advance education and civil rights and preserve and protect health throughout the Commonwealth by providing grants, items or services to other charities and /or organisations established to advance education and preserve and protect health; and to pursue such charitable purposes for the public benefit as are exclusively charitable according to the laws of England and Wales as the Executive Commission shall from time to time determine.

Our Mission

The Commonwealth Countries League is dedicated to advancing the well-being, friendship and networking of Commonwealth citizens, in particular Commonwealth women and children, to facilitate equality between women and men. This is accomplished by the provision of varied support to organisations and/or individuals, disadvantaged through educational, health and community opportunities, to aid in achieving their goals and aspirations.

The Commonwealth Countries League has always supported the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund (CCLEF). Many fundraising events have been held over the years e.g. Health Projects, cultural events and other events where proceeds have always been donated to the CCLEF.  Since the CCL was registered as a charity in December 2014, the major event to support the CCLEF will be the Commonwealth Fair. It is organised annually with the support of the Commonwealth High Commissioners and their spouses. It is a showcase of the diversity of the Commonwealth with food, music, culture and unique crafts adding to this spectacular event.

Community Work
A proposed plan is underway that will benefit particularly women, their families and their communities. The CCL has planned to accomplish this via the organisers who will monitor a project with a few countries participating. It is proposed to work according to the strategic planning in the provinces to be chosen in two or three countries. It is planned for the rural women of the participating countries. This will promote networking among the women in agricultural groups in the respective villages. This will promote the exchange of information, expressiveness and the transfer of skills and technology during their interactions.

The respective organisations of the participating countries will be responsible for extending knowledge, skills and technologies during their exchanges. It will also promote the exchange of information, experience and the transfer of skills, technology and information among the women in horticulture, jewellery-making and other handicrafts who will then act as extension agents in their localities with workshops to be regularly conducted. The project will run for a period of one year, to be extended should the need arise.
In the aspect of health, it is our plan to provide long term sustainable eye care, aimed at reducing the percentage of prevalent vision impairment. A pilot project, “Giving Sight” will be launched to assist those who cannot afford to undergo surgery. The project will be aimed specifically at disadvantaged children who have lived in total darkness, to be blessed with the gift of sight.
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