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                Mrs Louisa Service O.B.E., J.P., M.A.(Oxon)

Louisa is the daughter of Alice Hemming OBE, who was a leading figure in the formation of the Commonwealth Countries League out of the old British Commonwealth League.  Alice Hemming was central to the CCL from the late 1940s until she died in 1994.  As a result Louisa has been involved with the CCL for almost 60 years.  Louisa was a business woman and chairwoman of various companies in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and France, she was for 30 years a Chairman in the Youth and Family Proceedings Courts.  Since retiring she has been active in a variety of charities and arts organisations and is a trustee of the CCL’s sister charity the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund.  She has two children and her son, Nicholas was for several years the Financial Trustee of the CCL.
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