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President's Christmas message.

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President’s Christmas message.          

As we wrap up 2018 I wish to thank for your support to the Commonwealth Countries was a waive of glowing   pleasure we experienced.Here are some of the high lights from last year. As usual  the CCL had another successful  Commonwealth Fair to support the Commonwealth  girls  Education Fund.
The completion of the three country projects.Ghana,Grenada,and Jamica.

Ghana  this   project empowered  financially to enroll  their children in schools    , build up savings, prepare two meals  a day.  harvesting  sorting packaging  and marketing of vegetables 39  women participated .The project provided  ability to enter social net works.

Grenada  Rural women  enterprise support for a period  of two years  through  bi monthly work shops  lectures and demonstrations  on soil technology , floral art, eg wedding bouquets  etc harvesting  packaging  marketing  advisory sessions 120  women participated , gained employment at many leading florists.

Jamaica  The Jamaican  Business Development  corporation  staged an empowerment conference  entitled "Building   Opportunities for Sweet  Success.All participants finally had access to area of work required  to enhance their employment  requirements  100 participants applied to  participate in the conference. All three projects were  funded by the CCL.

Three   talks were  organised forvthe members  by eminent professionals.Linda Duffield  CMG,  Barrister and prize winner   John Gimlette included his sale of his signed book.Historian Syed Badrul Ahsan from Bangladesh spoke on his book "From rebel to founding father".Elezabeth Vander Valk from the Royal Commonwealth  Society presented the Commonwealth canopy.

Thank you for being a member of the  CCL.
Wishing you  a Joyous Christmas  and a Happy New year.!

Nalini  Paranavitane
The president  CCL.

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