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Nalini Paranavitane

Nalini has dedicated her life to the promotion of the rights of deprived people and marginalised segments of society. As President of the Soroptimist International Colombo affiliated to the British Federation, she has highlighted the commitment of the British Federation in another part of the world, where she inaugurated the Street Children Project in Wijerama, Nugegoda in Sri Lanka, which is now amalgamated with the after Tsunami Project to this day.  

Her performance has shown that versatility is a strong attribute of her performance, administering the appropriate members to be made in charge of the project, dealing with the donors, and offer creative solutions to problems. The goal was that they were trained to join the mainstream of education in Sri Lanka. The aim of the project was to address the shortcomings by giving these children an opening where their parents did not have the means to send them to private fee paying preschools.

The poorest and the underprivileged from streets were invited to enrol. She subsequently launched the Street Children Focus 2000 in the UK. This platform continued to render valuable services to the promotion of rights of children. The project supported the Children's Society in London by supporting the Young Tenants project, Street Children project in Poona, Sierra Leone Women's Appeal and Water Appeal and gave hope to children in the Tanzanian Health Project. In Colombo she chaired the Women Prisoners project in the Welikada Prison rehabilitation training programme, making, sewing, learning of languages, during her tenure of office as President of SI Colombo. These projects have been deposited in the bank books of the women until the end of the sentence served, so that it was made available to them when they left.

Further equipment is also handed over to them to continue developing their skills learnt and they are introduced to sales outlets to earn a living. Nalini has been a long standing member of the Royal Commonwealth Society Colombo and UK, and also served in The Commonwealth Countries League for many years. As a Vice-President of the CCL she served on the Executive Committee, raised funds for the Education Fund of the CCL and also edited and presented a colourful Brochure for The Commonwealth Fair during the past years, with many Commonwealth dignitaries supporting. As the Commonwealth Games have recently concluded, how many different countries have been involved and what has been their purpose?

The big question - How do we define the Commonwealth and what does membership mean for individuals? Nalini Paranavitane came to the UK from Sri Lanka and in both countries she has served the Commonwealth in fitting organisations. She has dedicated her life to the help of people in need and has linked with other countries. Nalini was admitted to the freedom of the city of London in March 2011. The Commonwealth Countries League has an active member in many capacities. Our early questions on Commonwealth purpose, individual membership and country links have been answered by Nalini.

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