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Strengthening the Capacity of Women Entrepreneurs in Jamaica Project

In Jamaica Business Development Corporation staged an empowerment conference entiltled B.O.S.S. Lady.  The event was under the “Strengthening the capacity of women Entrepreneurs Project” an initiative funded by the CCL. The purpose of the conference was to provide women entrepreneurs with tools and information to overcome the various challenges affecting their business such as to financing and financial information, work life balance, fitness and nutrition. The session was attended by 120 women who were inspired and empowered through presentations from some of the leading entrepreneurs.  

According to the study 75% of Jamaican entrepreneurs found work life balance to be a challenge, while 78% reported that accessing financing was one of their major challenges.  Access to markets and networking opportunities were also identified as major challenges. This was evident by the fact that less than 42% of the firms surveyed are a part of professional network while majority indicated that they were not.  The minority 37% reported that they have been mentored in the past.  A larger number 63% said they have never been mentored.  We have targeted creating a lasting change.  All three projects were guided by the respective High Commissioners and their staff enabling us to implement them in Ghana,Grenada, and Jamica. This gesture is appreciated very much., we thank very much.
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