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Tanznia - Cinic at B uhangija Shinyanga.

The ongoing project at the moment  of the Commonwealth  Countries' League  is the Tanzania Project. to set up and open  a clinic at Buhangjia Shinanga for children with albinism.The main goal of  this project is to provide health care services at Buhangija Centre for children  with albinism which will include providing low vision devices and eye glasses to improve the children's ability to learn and stay in school.The Buhangija Centre serves as a shelter for  approximately  for 300 children  with albinism..This is a centre which was built originally to shelter  45 blind children.

The proposed  project will enable to provide Buhangija   children  with albinism  adequate health  care which will focus on  caring for the children's low vision needs, caring for their bodies , with relations to sun protections , hygiene, nutrition and first  aid. Provide nurses to care for the children both  from preventive and responsive level.

Provide much needs resources for the clinic brought to Buhangila centre to enable staff  care for the children's needs  including but not limited  to the following- sun cream, low vision devices, and glasses, Malaria treatment, General first aid supplies , gloves, bandages, swabs, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, for boils,cuts,and scrapes. Oral and topical antibiotics  for treatment of fungus..

The project  will be constantly monitored and evaluated  on a voluntarily basis  to provide  world class critical appraisal of the project.The monitoring will be done in 6 months and then mid way throughthe project and a final monitoring and evaluation if two years.

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