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The conference aims to look at some of the common myths around women’s health but in particular the myths around menopause and mental health. We want to debunk the myths and provide expert insight as well as share wellness advice. The goal is to raise awareness, encourage communication and information sharing.

Join us for a day of discussions and conversations with Global Director of Partnerships at the NO MORE Foundation, Melissa Morbeck ; experience a guided meditation session with holistic therapist, Dr Vasso Lorca ; discover more about the menopause and learn how to manage it with Lisa Macis, Project Lead of Menopause In The Workplace, together with Deborah Garlick, founder and CEO of Henpicked; hear from women’s health specialist plus finalist of Women of the Future 2020, Dr Hannah Nazri; learn about wellness and bridging the gap between traditional alternative medicine and modern medicine with Dr Vidhi Pandya Patel: finally explore the healing power of music with the all women choir, Barcarolle Choir.

Please note that thanks to the generosity of our speakers, they will not be taking a fee for coming to speak to us; our event will be supporting the charities of their choice.

There will be lots of opportunities to come together to share experiences and find solutions for the health issues facing women. We will look at holistic therapies to help us listen to our bodies and take ownership of our health and wellness. As an international organisation, we will study how different cultures approach these topics.

We hope this conference will be the start of a great deal more conversations. Talking about menopause and mental health will not remove the taboos overnight, but it is a great starting point!

The day will include a delicious healthy lunch, a FIWAL conference brochure plus a wellness “goody’ bag.

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