A Message from the Chairman of the CCL, 23 February 2021

Mrs Cecilia Muchemi, Chairwoman of the CCL
Mrs Cecilia Muchemi, Chairwoman of the CCL

Dear Members and Friends


Thank you all for your benevolent love and support for CCL.


Over the years your time and generous donations has proven invaluable to the various Charities and NGO’s that our Organisation supports.


Your support is not just a donation. As a result of helping CCL, despite this ongoing devastating and crippling global pandemic, CCL has managed to donate a sum of £20 000.00 to the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund. This life changing gift has supported many poor and disadvantaged girls within the Commonwealth to continue their studies. That is why it’s not only a mere donation for us.


Going forward and adapting to working in this new and challenging way, I want you all to know that we, the CCL will continue to Strive forward with renewed Vigour, Passion and Innovation combined with a BIG heart to achieve its goals.


It is therefore in this Spirit that I am delighted to LAUNCH a Series of Online Talks by Inspirational Women, Men and Children from our Member Countries.


Furthermore, as part of our future Fundraising Activities, particularly in this new challenging global environment, CCL’s Executive Committee will be hosting various Online Events during the course of the Year.


We hope that YOU will join and support us in all our Events to ensure our Mission in serving our beneficiaries is accomplished.


Warmest regards,

Cecilia Muchemi (Mrs)

Chairwoman of CCL


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